Favorites & Freebies

Happy Friday to you!

One of my favorite etsy things this week is this set of nesting doll wine glasses. They’re painted in a mosaic/stained glass pattern, and the colors are just perfect! They remind me of the babushkas my Nana gave me – I have them sitting on our mantle. Click the pic to check out the other amazing listings in her shop!

Mosaic Nesting Dolls Wine Glasses by SwirlyGarden on etsy

Another one of my favorites this week is egg-a-g0-go. She has a variety of cool and colorful things in her shop, including catnip eggs, greeting cards, pillows, stuffed toys, animal paintings, and this:

When Two People Love Each Other Onesie by eggagogo

I added this to yesterday’s treasury, and I don’t know about you, but it made me laugh out loud! Check out her shop for some great Christmas shopping ideas.

Now for the freebies. A fellow etsian, lovemaki, is having a giveaway, ending tonight, for one of her “Love Always” prints:

"L'amour toujours l'amour"

This little freebie is so cute:

Wish List PDF by HomemadeHappinessNL

Click the pic to go to the listing, and copy and paste the url listed to download and print the PDF file. It’s a cute little wish/goal list that doubles as cupcake or muffin toppers! You write your goals on the flags, and when a goal is reached, you can put your flag on top of a baked goodie to celebrate! Use it for yourself or to motivate a little one – such a clever idea.

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