Make It Monday – Applesauce!

Make It Monday, our final addition to the BML blogging schedule, will be chock-full of DIY goodness. Recipes, crafts, home projects – if you can make it, I’m gonna post it.

Today is a beautiful, sunny and cool fall day. I have the windows open, the fan on, and the AC off. I had to do some grocery shopping earlier, and got some yummy things: avocados, green beans, red potatoes, corn tortillas, and a gluten-free all natural brownie mix (never had them – I think I just might save it for the bake sale!) I bought our trusty fruit selection, including some shiny red apples. When I came home, I remembered an article I glimpsed briefly the other day about making applesauce, and thought, “What day could be more perfect to make the apartment smell yummy and to eat some applesauce?”

So, I looked up the very complicated recipe:

4 apples

3/4 cup water

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon

Then I got to peeling and chopping! Let me tell you, it did not take me long to wish for an apple peeler/corer. Use one if you have it.

Then I put my peeled, cored, chopped apples into a pan with the water, sugar, and cinnamon, and cooked them, covered, over medium heat for 25 minutes (until they were soft.)

doubles as an air freshener!

Then I got out my giant fork.

that’s a Wonder Woman shirt, in case you were wondering

However, the giant fork didn’t work, and I had to resort to a smaller one. Note to self: Self, you also need a potato masher. This will come in handy when you make cheesy, garlicy mashed potatoes, as well.

Then, I put it in the fridge to cool. Not before I took a bite, which tasted like heaven. We’ll probably have it for dessert tonight – I can’t wait!


This would be a great little gift to give your neighbors, or family members you’ll see in person, for the holidays, too! Just put in mason jars, tie with ribbon, and keep refrigerated.

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