Thoughtful Thursday – Awesome Moms

I Heart Mom by smallthreads

The newest addition to the BML blog schedule is Thoughtful Thursday. It’s pretty self explanatory, but could be anything from inspired ramblings to business tips. Tonight, I have a feeling it will be an inspired rambling kind of post.

Moms amaze me. Stay at home, working, working from home, single, whatever – how they get it all done just boggles my mind sometimes. I know that many of the women with etsy shops are moms who might be more than one of the above. Many of them have a day job and work on etsy, or have quit their day jobs to work at home full time. Whichever one they choose – it’s not easy! My mom was a single mom who had a day job while she worked from home, and I can never recall a time I felt she wasn’t there for me. Some day, I’ll be a mother and I’ll begin to understand how to fit a week’s worth of work and activities (plus an infinite amount of love) into one day. Until then, I’m convinced I just won’t get it.

So, if you’re a mom, how do you do it? Is it just second nature after a while? Are you organized or are you prone to “go with the flow?” I have a feeling the rest of us have a lot to learn.

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