Weird Wednesday: Kingdom Animalia

I love animals. It’s hard for me to believe there are people out there that just aren’t fond of them. I’ve had all kinds: a toad, frog, turtle, iguana, fish (including a little shark), dogs, hamsters, rats … I really do love all kinds. So, today’s Weird Wednesday is all about the animals.
The Strange Planet by thegoodmachinery


Traveling Animals Greeting Cards by SugarBeetPress

Original Collage Art Elephant Surreal by dadadreams

Emulicious 8x10 by boodlyhead

Halyn The Platypus Wool Felt Plush Doll (and other cute creatures) by nonesuchgarden


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One response to “Weird Wednesday: Kingdom Animalia

  1. I love your store. You have great and fun things.
    You young chicks are teaching an old dog some new tricks, LOL.

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