Treasure Tuesday: Peace On Earth

First of all, happy International Day of Peace, everyone! Here’s today’s featured treasury to show some love:

International Peace Day by Dahlies

As you can see, our blog heading has a new look to match our updated banner and FB pic. Next up, our twitter page! I’m really digging the new cohesiveness – what do you think?

Also, big news:

Our church just approved a winter festival, and guess who just happens to be in charge? Moi! The biggest event I’ve ever planned was our wedding, so this should be interesting.

Mom and I were discussing how we would like to organize a sale, and she suggested I ask if the church ever did any craft sales or festivals. I found out that the elementary school within the church used to have a fall carnival, but stopped a few years ago and the church never picked up the slack. So, I suggested we organize a winter festival (since fall is already in full swing), and I suddenly became the event coordinator of our Winter Wonderland Festival in December – yay!

We’re focusing on opening ourselves up to the community, and I think this will be a great way to do it. So far we have crafters/vendors, a church bake sale, crafts and games for the kids, food, free drinks, and free pictures with Santa.  This should be an even busier time of the year than usual, since we have to plan our booth and the festival, plus all of the other holiday hustle and bustle. I’m really looking forward to it.

If you have any suggestions on planning and executing a big event, or just fun ideas to implement, I’m wide open to suggestions!

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