Slacker on A Saturday

Reversible Slacker/GoGetter Cup Cozy by sewtara

I have been slacking in the blog world for good reason. Due to Mom’s surgery, work, big outside projects (making our decorations for Trunk or Treat, planning a winter church festival, our booth at said tentative festival, and the prospect of a community garden) and the occasional extra curricular, it’s hard to find the time to write, but the blog world still judges. I understand that if I don’t post every day (or at least on a very regular basis) that our views and followers probably won’t increase. It’s also true that if I don’t post anything witty, visual, or emotionally/mentally stimulating – with a catchy title, of course – that we won’t get many views. There are just too many blogs out there to choose from! It’s either blog world domination, or this:

I’m going to reevaluate this blog, set up a “schedule” of interesting blogging days to keep me motivated to post, and possibly experiment with the aesthetics.

Just not today. We have to work to do today.

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