Weird Wednesday

Eyeballs. They’re weird, anatomical, and I’ve always been fascinated with them. Maybe it’s my terrible eyesight. The different color combinations within an iris. Windows to the soul? I don’t know, but today’s Weird Wednesday is all about them.

Eyeball In A Tophat Cufflinks by TillyBloom

Enchanting Eye Scrabble Tile Pendant by Unscrabbled

Eye Soap by BunnyBubbles

Crochet Catnip Eyeball by ButterflyEyes

Jar of Eyes Bottle Necklace by Alternate History


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2 responses to “Weird Wednesday

  1. Xehra

    OMG! I am afraid that its scary and attractive simultaneously. No idea why is it so, though! Like the eye soap 😀

  2. I know – there’s just something very “mad scientist” creepy about eyeballs, but they’re also so gorgeous!

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