What’s Goin’ On

I know, I know I missed Treasure Tuesday (again.) I promise to make up for it:

Golly Goth Darn! by me

Nostalgically Attractive by StellaPearl


So, here’s what’s goin’ on: Mom’s AC has been not working/not working properly for the past 10 days! Granted, today here in Texas is a nice, cloudy and cool day, but there’s no breeze, and it’s been summery hot here the rest of the week. Her old unit has been replaced. Her new unit has been taken apart, but for some reason, not replaced. Her vent blows, alternately in no particular order, hot, warm, and cold air. Today, though, she has no air. They took apart the unit yesterday, then came back and said they couldn’t get parts until today. They said they’d be there at 7:30, and it is now almost 11:00. At first, no one would answer or return her phone calls, but finally the AC co. owner answered and said that they hadn’t come because it was raining. It hasn’t been raining at her house at all. He said that they’d “get it done today,” but they’ve said that every other time they’ve talked to her. Absolute craziness. The property manager still won’t answer the phone or return her calls.

Who does this kind of thing? All to save a few bucks? To top it all off, the AC co. owner told Mom he’d been drinking bourbon and coke. One the job. When she told the property manager, he didn’t believe her, because he’s known the guy for 20 years. Denial is blissful; I’m sure it’s lovely where he lives.

So, things have been hectic to say the least. We haven’t been able to get much work done, and I’m helping her apply for a secondary job, and look for a new place to live.

P.S. – Avoid ever using Jerry’s AC Repair Company in Arlington, TX. Also avoid renting property from Bray Realty in Aledo, TX. It’s just not worth the headache.

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