In spite of the fact that it’s still August and over 100 degrees farenheit outside, Mom and I find ourselves listing items for fall, Halloween, even thinking about the winter holidays! It seems so crazy, but to run a business, you have to think ahead. Ahead of the times, ahead of the trends, ahead of the sales (and stock up.) You don’t want to drive people nuts by listing things too early – most of us know the feeling of hearing holiday music in September, thinking “Really? By the time winter hits, I’m going to be tired of this!”  Maybe it’s wishful thinking. I know that I can’t help but look forward to the coolness of autumn, and then the cheer of the holidays. You start breaking out the sweaters, hoping it will cause the weather to drop a few degrees. I start thinking about the next Halloween on November 1st of the previous year. (Any excuse to dress up!) So, in the spirit of the cooler seasons:

Batty Felt Pins


Friendly (recycled) felt bat pins – not too creepy, just a little spooky. They’ve got a sparkle in their eye, and a 2 inch wingspan. Click on the photo to view our newest listing.

Meanwhile, hope you’re all beating the heat!

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