Do You Whistle While You Work?

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Sometimes I like to listen to music, or a tv show in the background while I work, and sometimes it drives me crazy to have too much noise going on. Sometimes I work at my “desk” (dining table), and sometimes on the couch or in a chair. I like to be dressed comfortably, and to have my old glasses on that don’t give me a headache after wearing them for more than an hour. I like to take pretty frequent breaks to drink something or have a snack. Sometimes, though, if I’m really on a roll, you can’t pry me away from what I’m doing! I think I learned all of these habits from my mom. I’m pretty sure she does all of these things when she’s working, too.

What do you do while you work? What makes you comfortable? Does it hinder you or help you? How can you become a more efficient, productive person?

For me, I need to know my limits. I need sleep, and if I don’t get it, I’m useless. So, when one of those projects comes along that’s hard to take a break from, I have to make myself do it. If my eyelids are getting heavy, chances are my work isn’t going to be as great, and I just need to go to bed. 

Keep an eye on yourself. If you were your own boss (which you are), how would you see yourself as an employee?  Would you tell yourself to take a day off, or to get your lazy bum back to work?

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