Multiple Personalities

"Multiple Personalities" by Tricia Joy on Etsy

When you’ve been shopping for a while, especially online, you begin to realize that some of your favorite products are owned by one company. On etsy, some of your favorite sellers may just have a different identity, too! It could be in the form of a different etsy shop, a website, a blog, or they could be selling on a different host site.

An example of a cool etsy seller with a dual identity:

Be sure to read shop announcements! Most sellers, if they sell their items or similar items in a different place, will tell you in their announcement. There will normally be a url you can copy and paste into your browser, or a link you can follow to another site. It’s always worth taking a look, since many sellers will separate one style or product from another by selling them in different locations.

Our shop is a bit of a mish mash of handmade and vintage, and we haven’t established any separate identies on etsy yet. However, my mom has been selling vintage lingerie on ebay for the past 8 years, continues to sell there under the screen name designingmoon. Check her out!

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